Older children from the Julia Centre

A message from Julia’s parents, Bill and Cecilia


23rd April 2016

Dear Friends,
Time has flown past since my last update from Canavieiras. The Julia Trust continues to be a positive and active force in the poor community where the children we look after in Brazil live.
We are so grateful to those of you who have contributed to the work we are doing there. As ever, the team of teachers and volunteers who are in charge of helping these children, are totally committed to their wellbeing.
This year has marked a milestone of the Garden of Angels crèche as the original intake of children, who started as very young ones turned 17 years old.
It is an enormous credit to everyone that has helped these young people that none of them are on drugs, in trouble with the law, and that none of the young girls have started families, an occurrence in so many young girls’ lives that prevent them from persuing other options and further education.

In March this year we gave a party in our Brazilian home for these older children who were in the first intake of the crèche in 2004. You may enjoy matching some of the faces in the then and now pictures below. One of our teachers who joined on the first day is still with us all these years later.
As you know, the Julia Thomson Memorial Trust was founded in 2008 in memory of our daughter, Julia, who died in a road accident in New York in 2007.

We have endeavoured to work with the resources at our disposal through so many kind donations from friends but are now in the position almost 9 years later, of having to appeal to your generosity once again.
Although Brazil is now thought to be a country that has turned an economic corner, the reality is very different. A significant percentage of youngsters live in dire poverty and need the guidance and care of a stabilising force in their lives. We work not only with the children but with their parents and are very much a community based project.
Bill and I were so pleased to be able to see some of these young adults when we were in Brazil earlier this year.
Please help us to continue to help these lovely children.
An overall view of what the Julia Centre has achieved and is trying to continue to do, can be viewed in the contents of the website juliathomsonmemorial.com
We look forward to seeing you all either here in Edinburgh, or in Brazil if you happen to be in Bahia in the near future.
with love and all best wishes,
Bill and Cecilia

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