Latest Volunteers and Workers

Renata Amorim

Renata is the coordinator of the Julia Centre, taking charge of organising the day to day running of activities, studies and other programmes. She was born and bred in Canavieiras and her knowledge of the people and the community in general is an enormous boost to every aspect of the life of the Centre. We are so grateful to her for all her hard work and dedication.

Alexander Ward-Lilley

We are most fortunate to have with us at present (May 2014) Alex Ward-Lilley who came to us in April and will be at the Julia Centre until the middle of June.
Alex has been amazing in throwing himself into the life of Canavieiras. We are so grateful for his help and boundless enthusiasm.

Alexander Dessain

We were very fortunate to have had Alexander (Ally) Dessain as a volunteer at the Centre. Ally immediately became a great hit with the children and was invaluable in the work he did with all age groups from the very littles to the older children and adults.We are extremely grateful to him and look forward to his returning to visit us again whenever he can.

Sara Parisi

Sara was back with us in November 2013 and as usual had everyone enthused about drama, dance and theatre. Her boundless energy is totally contagious and her ability to get all the community involved in the arts is a great gift to all who worked with her. We hope she will continue to return to Canavieiras.

Stefano Saporetti

Stefano came from Italy and spent a few months in Brazil with the Garden of Angels and worked with children of all ages . He was incredible in his enthusiasm and got the children thinking about using objects of every day life and making them into works of art. His ability to fire the children’s imaginations for creative recycling was extremely inspirational.

Catherine Bevin

Catherine, who was in Brazil for 3 months from September 2011, returned to visit last August on her holiday from Cambridge, where she is reading Classics. As usual she was greeted with much joy by the children and immediately got busy getting involved with the life of the Centre once more, teaching English and generally helping in any way she could. We are so grateful to her for her continuing  support.

Nicola and Hugh Leslie and Viviane Forsythe

Everyone was so delighted that Hugh and Nicola Leslie came back for a visit having been volunteers in Canavieiras for three months from September 2010. They were accompanied by Nicola’s aunt, Viviane, who very enthusiastically helped for the short period of their visit. It was a joy for everyone who saw them again.

Duncan Cockburn

Duncan was hoping to come out to Bahia as a volunteer on his gap year but unfortunately various conflicting dates prevented him from doing so. He was extremely generous  in running the Glasgow marathon in aid of the Julia Thomson Memorial Trust. We cannot thank him enough for his amazing effort.

We are very much hoping that Duncan will be able to spend some time at the Centre in the near future.

Volunteers and Visitors in the past… 

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