Activities at the Julia Centre 2012-2014


Supervised help with homework and any problem subjects
Group project on “Historic Monuments of Canavieiras”
Art project using re-cycled materials
Everyday English (slang,modern expressions)
Formal English lessons
Poetry day for young poets, children’s own poems, etc.
Introduction to new cultural food….Hot Dog Day included!
Cookery classes
Music….recorder lessons
Basic first aid
Participation in a march against the abuse of children
A stand in the annual craft fair held in the city


Cultural Centre

Judo lessons for children and adults
Capoeira lessons for children and adults
Jiu Jitsu lessons for adults
Creative writing workshop
English Maths and Portuguese lessons for adolescents
Parent Teacher meetings held at the Centre
Lectures by specialist speakers on the following subjects:
Breast Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Early Learning Difficulties
Talk on STD
Dance and Drama Workshops for all ages run by Sara Parisi and Alex Saporeti
Gymnastics for Seniors
Various seasonal parties; Christmas, Easter, June festival, Halloween, Children’s end of year party
Gospel Show


Sports Centre Games

The Sports Centre continues to be a focus for the community. It is used most days for all types of sport from football and volleyball.

The following sports were played:
Judo,  Capoeira, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Futsal
Special events at the Centre:
Judo Championship
Mini Olympics
Regional sports championships for students
Volleyball for adults and children
Futsal for adults and children
Basketball for adults
Tennis for adults


Outings for the children of the Julia Centre

The children are encouraged to participate in many activities outside the Centre such as helping keep their environment tidy, to day trips to the seaside.

One of their outings was to the Panzini Center where they spent a day at a cookery workshop learning about food hygiene and making a few simple recipes.

UNESCO Recognition

UNESCO recognizes the work being done by the Julia Thomson Memorial Trust and calls it a “Project of Opportunities”.

On the 26th November 2013, UNESCO in conjunction with the charitable organisation “Crianca Esperanca”, (Child of Hope), held an event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in recognition of “the quality and excellence” of various projects whose aims are to better the lives of children and young people from various regions of the country.

They said in respect of what we are doing, “The continuing involvement of your project is very important to the “Child of Hope” so that ordinary Brazilians can participate in what is being done to better the situation of the poor in Brazil”

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization